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Edexcel A Level Maths

Edexcel A Level Maths

Covering the full specification across Pure, Mechanics, and Statistics

Edexcel A Level Maths

Covering the full specification across Pure, Mechanics, and Statistics

The Edexcel AS and A Level Maths specifications have now been accredited by Ofqual. Our Year 1 / AS Student Book has been endorsed for Edexcel and our forthcoming Student Books and Digital Books for Maths and Further Maths have entered the Edexcel endorsement process

From September 2017 you will be teaching linear A Level maths specifications and 100% prescribed content. The new exams will place increased emphasis on problem-solving and modelling.

We have developed brand new resources for the Edexcel specifications, with links to MyMaths,  to ensure you and your students have everything needed for the changes ahead.

Please come back and check for updates to this page and follow us on Twitter @OxfordEdMaths for the latest information about these new resources.

Series contains:

  • A Level Maths Student Books
  • A Level Further Maths Student Books
  • Exam Practice Books
  • Mechanics and Statistics Student Workbooks
  • Mechanics and Statistics Teacher Books
  • Kerboodle (Digital books and online practice)
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Get ready for September

View the entire Edexcel endorsed Student Book

This book has been endorsed for Edexcel following accreditation of the specification. Please browse through the entire book and order your inspection ready for early May publication.

Free sample chapters from our new books

Kerboodle online resources | Available now

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Start planning for September with Kerboodle early access. We've got resources ready for you today. To arrange a free in-school demo and early access, please contact your local Educational Consultant using the link above.

Edexcel A Level Maths 2017 FAQs

  • When will the new A Levels be introduced?

    The new AS and A Levels for Maths and Further Maths will be introduced for first teaching from September 2017. They will be first examined in Summer 2019.

  • What are the key changes to Maths A Level?

    • A Level maths will no longer be examined in modules. Instead, the assessment will be linear, meaning all exams will be taken at the end of the course.
    • You will no longer be able to choose which topics you teach. Instead, the content will be 100% prescribed, so all students will have to study pure maths, mechanics, and statistics.
    • Decision maths has been dropped from the new A Level (but not from Further Maths).
    • For the first time a large data set will be identified in advance, on which statistics questions will be based.
    • The question style will change to give more emphasis to modelling and problem-solving.

  • When will the final accredited Edexcel specification be published?

    Edexcel's AS and A Level Maths specifications have been accredited by Ofqual. Final specs are available on their website. Further Maths is yet to be accredited.

  • What resources are available and when will they be ready?

    We are publishing brand new resources for Edexcel’s new specification which will be available from Spring 2017. Student Books from the series have been entered into the Edexcel endorsement process. To keep up-to-date on these new resources, please sign-up to the maths eNewsletter and follow us on Twitter @OxfordEdMaths.

  • Useful links

    • Edexcel’s website (draft specifications)
    • Ofqual -

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Edexcel A Level Maths