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Discovering Mathematics Trial Schools

Here's what your colleagues are saying about our new mastery series

Discovering Mathematics Trial Schools

Here's what your colleagues are saying about our new mastery series

30 schools across England trialled Discovering Maths during summer 2018. Each school received free Student Books, Workbooks, Teacher Guide, Kerboodle early access, and 1 day of in-school Professional Development training.

What teachers said about the Student Books & series as a whole

  • “[DM] will revolutionise our teaching as we become confident that we can fully engage learners, embed fundamental concepts and consequently have better outcomes.” 

    - Rehana Akhtar, St Michael’s School, High Wycombe

  • “The impact has been clear: these Y7s have much deeper understanding and confidence than they used to - they’re teaching each other now!”  

    - @atlas_maths

  • “Students are engaged with the lessons a lot more and feel a sense of achievement.” 

    Cleeve School, Gloucs

  • “The student book is excellent with really good explanations and teaching activities.  These not only help students but are really helpful for less experienced teachers.”

    Barclay School, Herts

  • “For my class the exercise had excellent variation.” 

    Haberdasher’s Askes, Herts

  • “Students liked the layout of the book and that the questions don’t look scary!”

    Spires Academy, Canterbury

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What teachers said about the Manipulatives Pack (algebra discs)

  • “The trial has opened my eyes to the benefit of CPA technique and how it can build deeper understanding for all ability students.”

    Christopher Ricketts, Spires Academy, Canterbury

  • “The algebra discs worked brilliantly at getting weaker students to not fear algebra and negative numbers.”

    Spires Academy, Canterbury

  • "Lightbulb moment when [the students] realised they could use the bar model to find the percentage for girls (as the bar is 100%) rather than doing a second conversion”

    Tamara Sherer, Haberdasher’s Askes

  • “Use of the [algebra] discs enabled progress in a topic that students usually find difficult.  Students’ engagement in tasks improved.”

    Ormiston Shelfield Academy, Walsall, West Midlands

  • “Algebra discs for negative numbers were transformational. Students talked about using them when an Ofsted inspector visited their lesson. This was then transferred to work on linear equations - as students had a really deep understanding of negative numbers, they were able to solve equations that previously many older students would have struggled with.”

    Barclay School, Herts

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What the students said

  • “This is beginning to click now” - “I learn best in this sort of way” - “I feel like I’m getting good at algebra!”

    Student feedback on use of the Algebra Discs, Old Buckenham High School, Norfolk

  • “Are we using the counters again?... Sweet! Another fun lesson!”

    Student feedback on use of the Algebra Discs, Spires Academy, Canterbury

  • “I felt so good being able to do Level 3 questions which are challenging.”

    Student feedback, Knights Academy, Lewisham, London

  • “Oh wow I never knew what a rational number was!”

    Student feedback, Claremont High, Harrow

  • “Student: ‘I'm rubbish at decimals’  Teacher: ‘that's why we are going to do them today so you can get better’ .... End of lesson, Teacher: ‘how did you get on?’ Student: ‘I got 23/24’  Teacher: ‘I thought you were rubbish at these?!’ Student *coy smile*”

    Reported by Christopher Ricketts at Spires Academy, Canterbury

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What teachers said about students' use of precise mathematical language

  • “The trial was eye-opening to see how the students reacted. The trial encouraged me to think deeper about my language and how to best use it.”

    Michael Quigley, St Mary’s High School, Manchester

  • “[Students’] language was drastically improved from a mathematical stance.”

    Lynne McGarry, Birkdale High School

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