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Discovering Mathematics

The Mastery Course for 11-14 students

This exciting new maths mastery series has been carefully adapted and expanded from the leading Singapore course of the same name to match fully to the English National Curriculum KS3. Singapore leads the world in secondary results in mathematics and this course has been the mostly widely used in the country for the past decade.

  • Adapted by the original Singaporean author team in conjunction with a large team of maths mastery experts
  • New material written to provide comprehensive support for all ability levels
  • Easily plan and monitor progression with visible grading frameworks for each question
  • A proven approach to raising maths achievement for 11-14 students, built around the ‘growth mindset’ that every child can succeed
  • Enables students to explore new concepts through concrete, pictorial and abstract representation, supporting progression and depth of understanding


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Series contains:

  • 9 Student Books, supporting all abilities across 11-14 range
  • 6 Workbooks, across phases 1 and 2
  • 6 Teacher Guides, across phases 1 and 2
  • Series Guide to accompany course
  • Unrivalled digital support  on Kerboodle includes online Student Books, worked example videos, graded assessments, and our widely praised progression tracking tool.

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  • Course Guide

    Discovering Mathematics Course Guide

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    Update on Discovering Mathematics publishing

    Cancellation of phase 3 Teacher Guides and Workbooks

    We have listened to customer feedback, and to simplify the number of components within the series, we have made the decision to cancel the remaining Workbooks and Teacher Guides in the series (3A, 3B and 3C). We believe this will make our offering to you as a teacher more straightforward and affordable, without compromising on quality. We apologise for any disruption this may cause, but we have made this decision to try and make Discovering Mathematics more accessible for teachers and students. We are providing updated Schemes of Work to reflect this change. We will also be adding all Fully Worked Solutions for Phase 3 Student Books to the Discovering Mathematics Kerboodle, so all subscribers have access to this resource for marking.

    Discovering Mathematics
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