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CXC Study Guides

Help students reach their potential in CXC® exams

With exclusive advice and support directly from CXC®, these Study Guides are the only additional resource you need to maximise your students' exam potential.

CXC® Study Guides cover all the syllabus material in a clear, easy-to-understand format. Ideal for use in the classroom or for independent study, they develop stronger, more thorough understanding to secure the best possible results.

Simplifying challenging concepts and distilling learning material into focused, understandable segments, these resources build student confidence. Helping students to easily measure comprehension, they equip students to focus exam preparation on the right areas, strengthening understanding.

Interactive test and extra exam support included.

  • Get ready for exams with activities that develop the skills needed for assessment
  • Reinforce classroom learning, building better, more thorough knowledge that will make a difference in exams
  • Test knowledge and measure understanding, helping students focus on the right areas
  • Absorb and understand the essential facts with learning material broken down into easy-to-understand sections
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    Series contains:

    25 Study Guides for CSEC

    21 Study Guides for CAPE (12 subjects)

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