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Oxford Content and Language Support

Bridging the gap between content and language acquisition

Integrating content and language learning in practical and easy-to-use volumes that are perfect for use in class, or for individual study.

  • Compiled by a subject and a language specialist to help students access the knowledge they need for exams
  • A Study Skills chapter in each book encourages best practice and unpacks tricky exam questions
  • Plenty of visual support, with pictures, charts and diagrams to explain difficult concepts
  • Short sections of comprehensible and accessible content are followed by activities, allowing students to focus on essential concepts
  • Key vocabulary is identified and practised in context so that correct use becomes familiar
  • Engaging and varying activities help keep students motivated
  • Every unit has a comprehension activity to increase confidence and English expression
  • Grammar work is focused and relevant to content helping to strengthen exam potential
  • Extension activities encourage reflection and critical thinking
  • Includes a full glossary of vocabulary items with examples in context
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Series contains:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Science
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Free support website

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With audio support for second language learners

Plus matching grids linking the series with international curricula

Match the series to the Dutch curriculum

Match the series to the Italian curriculum

Oxford Content and Language Support