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Zoom is on Kerboodle

We've collected some commonly asked questions about the move here. If your question isn't answered, please get in touch by emailing


Q: When is the move happening?

A: Zoom is now available on next generation Kerboodle, providing you with even more support for the 2014 curriculum.


Q: What is Kerboodle?


Kerboodle provides blended, online resources to accompany a wide range of courses. It contains an extensive bank of teaching material, including time-saving lesson presentation, a wide variety of resources, and a range of assessment tasks and tests. Most content is customisable and you can add in your own resources. Kerboodle Books, online version of the Student Book, are also available.

For more information about next generation Kerboodle, please visit our new Kerboodle hub following the link on the right.

Reasons behind the move

Q: Why the move to Kerboodle?

A: Technology moves on at a fast pace, and it was time for the OxBox to undergo a thorough revision, so that you can use it whenever and however you need to.

Main changes

Q: What's changing?

A: We've taken on board what you've said you like, and what you don't, to improve OxBox and Kerboodle in the best way. Next generation Kerboodle gives you access to all of the top features, with updated and new functionality. It is also accessible via a wide range of devices, including iPads*.

  • Access to regular updates
  • Kerboodle Books include digital tools and audio/video hotspots to launch straight from the page and for ease of use (teacher access is included in Lessons, Resources and Assessment, you can also choose to buy access for your students)
  • Audio and video resources are built into each lesson presentation
  • Every lesson is accompanied by teacher notes to support lesson delivery, and includes answers for activities, transcripts for all audio and video, and an editable scheme of work
  • A range of assessments in all four skills are provided for every unit of the Student Book, so you have everything you need to fully assess your students
  • *The Record and Playback functions are not available on some tablet devices including iPads.

    Main differences

    Q: How is the new Kerboodle different from the old Kerboodle?


  • Kerboodle has had a complete re-design, so will look and feel fresh and different.
  • Kerboodle and almost all of its content can be viewed and used on a range of devices including tablets such as iPads - visit the Technical support pages for more information.
  • Most courses include a dedicated Markbook module, for tracking student assignments, logging their submissions, recording scores, and reporting on achievement. See the Assessment support pages for more information.
  • Kerboodle books are fully integrated with the rest of the course. Resources can be easily accessed and browsed from a button in the book. The book itself can be launched to exactly the right page from a number of different places in the course. See the Digital Book support pages for more information.
  • A single Administrator role manages the creation of all student accounts, so that your school data can be well maintained, and no student has more than one set of login details. See the Administrator support pages for more information.
  • Most licences for products on Kerboodle will automatically be renewed, so you never have to worry about losing access. You will receive plenty of notice of this renewal, and always have the option to cancel.
  • Every course has a built-in course homepage, to give you dates and advice on your products, course and subject.
  • A Kerboodle hub with all of the latest information about Kerboodle and available products can be accessed here.
  • Signing up

    Q: How do I sign up?

    A: You can order your annual licence now via our website: follow the link on the right.

    Alternatively, you can contact Customer Services on 01536 452620 or email

    Logging on

    Q: How will I log on?

    A: When you purchase your licence you will be asked to supply a contact email address. You will receive an email at that address with your login details and a link to activate your account.


    Q: How can I find out more or get more support?

    A: Please contact your local Educational Consultant, visit or email