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11-14 French course

Clic! is a differentiated French course for all KS3 learners. With its fully integrated video stories, the core course is unique in being twin tiered (Star and Plus) from Year 7. And for your reluctant learners we have access resources, making sure every student is working at the right pace and level.


For a course that is written for the 2014 curriculum take a look at Allez


  1. Reluctant learners? Use Access for NC Levels 1-2/3
  2. No prior knowledge of French/lower ability? Use Star NC Levels 1-4+
  3. Some prior knowledge of French/higher ability? Use Plus NC Levels 2/3-6+
  4. The most differentiated course to cater for all your students
  5. The most engaging course available to keep all your students on track
  6. The most easy-to-deliver course available with all the tools you need
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Series contains:

  • 8 Student Books
  • 6 Workbooks
  • 7 Teacher Books and CD-ROMs
  • 7 Audio CD Packs
  • 6 OxBox CD-ROMs
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Clic! courseguide

Step 1 (PDF)

Get an overview using our course guide

Clic! Access 1 Sample

Step 2 - Access sample material

Try our Access Student Book 1

Clic! Access 1 Teacher Book sample

Step 2 - Access sample material

Try our Access Teacher Book

Clic! Star 1 Student Book sample

Step 3 - Sample material from Clic! 1

Try Star Student Book 1

Clic! Plus 1 Student Book sample

Step 3 - Sample material from Clic! 1

Try Plus Student Book 1

Clic OxBox

Step 4

Try a slice of the OxBox

Teacher guide to transition

Step 5

Sample our Teacher Guide to Transition

Clic! case study

Secondary MFL Clic - Keisha

Case study

Keisha Reid explains why her school uses Clic!


  • "We use the OxBox - it is great! It presents material and offers lots of practice."

    Nick Ullman, Head of Modern Languages, Billericay School, Essex

  • "Clic! looked fresher and different to other courses we were using. It is easy to use, it offers good differentiation and deals with subjects that interest the students. The textbook is attractively presented for learners and clear to follow. The cultural element is strongly felt - something that all learners enjoy. Year 7 boys like the modern feel. The videos provide a different medium from traditional tapes/books, and are good for extension work since the language used is of a higher level."

    Liz Ellicott, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Yateley

  • "The different pathways are a useful way to ensure all students cover the same topics in line with their ability. We use Star with lower sets and Plus with the higher sets."

    Trudy Oldroyd, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, St Augustine's School, North Yorkshire

  • "Clic! is up-to-date and relevant for the student and they enjoy using it. It is clearly laid out, there are lots of resources to extend and support the Student Book, and it offers lots of excellent ICT material."

    Claire Baty, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Wimbledon High School, London

  • "Clic! brings France into the classroom."

    Nick Brown, Director of Language College, Lincoln Christ's Hospital School, Lincoln

  • "The new Clic! books from OUP are nothing if not ambitious. Aiming primarily, as far as I can tell, to allow differentiated teaching from the same resource, they provide three textbooks: one for the 'reluctant learner' (access), one to cover the middle ground (star) and one for the gifted linguist (plus). The textbooks are accompanied by a comprehensive and highly detailed CD of resources which includes some excellent videos to introduce even the beginner to French culture and language."

    ISMLA Review

  • "I love it! It is fantastic, very exciting, engaging for students. I particularly love the grammar aspects, video clips and the idea of ICT tasks."

    Comment at most recent focus group about Year 7 sample unit

  • "The blogs are really good. The videos with language at 'normal' speed are excellent."

    Sue Bayliss, MFL Progress Leader, The Latimer Arts College

  • "OxBox is a fantastic tool for both students and teachers. All of the material is very useful."

    Sophie Rey, Billericay School, Essex

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