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Catapult for KS3/11-14s:  resources for lower-attaining secondary students


Tools to support and track progression of lower-attaining students in the 11-14 age range

Enables students who are below expected standards within the 11-14 age range to make the progress they need to be ready for their next step. Catapult provides students with the skills and knowledge to advance confidently with their English studies, while giving teachers all the tools they need to track progression.


  • Print and digital resources focus on four key areas - building vocabulary, developing knowledge and understanding, improving reading habits and sustaining writing
  • Guidance for planning engaging and accessible lessons and monitoring progression
  • Plenty of practice opportunities to test student understanding through workbooks and interactive quizzes and assessments

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Series contains:

2 Kerboodle Books plus Resources

2 Student Books

2 Workbooks

2 Teacher Books


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Kerboodle works alongside your Catapult textbooks to create a truly blended learning solution. Packed with customisable learning content, assessment materials and reporting tools, Kerboodle allows you to integrate digital resources into your classroom to help boost students' skills and confidence.

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