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Cambridge IGCSE® Exam Skills Builders for English

Strengthen assessment potential for Cambridge exams

Comprehensive digital teaching packs that use real, examiner-graded answers directly from past exams to hone all the crucial skills for performance in Cambridge assessment.

  • Clearly demonstrate exam expectations - a huge bank of real, examiner-graded responses from past Cambridge exams showing low, middle and high level answers for each question
  • Build confidence - includes syllabus extracts, mark schemes and detailed examiner commentaries on every questions
  • Drive peer assessment and critical thinking with exercises and activities that strengthen all the key skills central to success


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Series contains:

  • Exam Skills Builder: English as a Second Language
  • Exam Skills Builder: English Literature
  • Exam Skills Builder: First Language English
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Build the right skills

Teacher support

Mark Pedroz is a Head of English and examiner. He recommends focusing on key skills to support student achievement.

Cambridge IGCSE® Exam Skills Builders for English