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Cambridge Secondary 1

Essential Maths for Cambridge Lower Secondary

Support every student in reaching their potential

Ensuring all your students reach their potential, this comprehensive series has been designed to provide support and encouragement primarily for middle to lower ability students.  It also includes some extension material for higher ability students, ensuring all students progress to IGCSE with confidence.


  • Comprehensively cover the Cambridge curriculum framework - with engaging exercises that encourage problem-solving and investigative strategies
  • Prepare for assessment - summary and review sections help students retain learning, while Cambridge Checkpoint-style questions build confidence
  • Support every student - extensive support guides students through the more challenging problem-solving and extension material
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Series contains:

  • 3 Student Books
  • 3 Workbooks
  • 3 Teacher's CD-ROMs
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Support every student

Stage 7 Student Book

Stage 7 Student Book

Complete coverage of the first stage of the Cambridge Secondary 1 curriculum framework.

Stage 8 Workbook

Stage 8 Workbook

Provides theory summary notes and extra questions to help students practice and apply their skills.

Stage 9 Teacher's CD

Stage 9 Teacher CD

Support for course teaching, including interactive resources and levelled worksheets.

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Essential Maths for Cambridge Lower Secondary