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Get It Right: Boost your vocabulary

Get It Right: Boost Your Vocabulary

Energise vocabulary learning and close the word gap

The Oxford Language Report: Closing the Word Gap reported that over half of the teachers surveyed said that at least 40% of their pupils lacked the vocabulary to access their learning. 

Developed by Helen Prince, each word is explored in context with engaging activities, to help students build their word banks and start using them confidently.

  • Write-in workbooks of flexible, standalone lessons that can fit easily into existing lesson plans and whole-school literacy schemes 
  • Carefully chosen, aspirational words drawn from the Oxford Children’s Corpus- a one of a kind, electronic database with real and authentic children’s language.
  • Level-appropriate support for 11-14 year olds with built in progression across the workbooks
  • Comprehension and contextual activities created by language expert, Helen Prince, help to energise vocabulary learning

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Get It Right: Boost Your Vocabulary video

This video provides an insight into the key features of the Get It Right: Boost Your Vocabulary series. Take a look at the 36 carefully selected focus words in each workbook, plus the wide range of levelled activities to test students' understanding of each focus word.

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Get It Right: Boost Your Vocabulary