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AQA Certificates in Science (iGCSE)

Biology, Chemistry and Physics resources providing excellent preparation for iGCSE

Specifically written for the AQA Level 1/2 Certificate (iGCSE) qualifications, this series of Student Books, online resources and revision guides offers a deeper and broader understanding of each subject and provides excellent preparation for A Level Science study.

Each Student Book has been carefully mapped to the units and topics required for the AQA Certificate in Science.

  • Student Books cover the key features of the specifications such as the Paper 2 exam, with more challenging questions aimed at developing experimental and investigative skills
  • Online interactive versions of the Student Books can be accessed from home or school - ideal for revision and developing independent learning skills
  • Revision guides recap the essential knowledge needed to prepare for the exams with summary and exam-style questions, maths skills activities, exam tips and advice
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Series contains:

  • 3 Student Books
  • 3 Kerboodle Online Books
  • 3 Revision Guides
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Deliver the Double Award syllabus

AQA Certificate in Science mapping grid image

Download mapping grid

This free mapping grid links the topics in each unit in the AQA Certificate in Science: Double Award, to chapters and pages in the separate sciences Student Books.

AQA Certificates in Science (iGCSE)