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AQA A Level Maths

Transition support & complete coverage of the 2017 linear A Level specification

Using the knowledge gained from the first year of A Level and the first sitting of the 9-1 GCSE exams, Oxford are now delighted to introduce new Bridging Edition Student Books into the AQA A Level Maths series.  They provide dedicated bridging units to support the transition from GCSE to A Level and updated support for the new AQA Large Data Set (Car Data).

Each Bridging Edition continues to provide full coverage of the 2017 specification, including Pure Maths, Mechanics, and Statistics, to provide the flexibility you need for co-teaching AS and A Level, and reflects the emphasis in the new specifications on problem-solving and modelling.

Our popular Kerboodle digital resources support teaching and learning at home as well as in the classroom, and include links to MyMaths.

Browse the full series below to see a range of flexible Student Book options. These include Combined Year 1 & 2 textbooks for A Level, or separate Year 1/AS and Year 2 textbooks, as well as bespoke resources to support teaching compulsory mechanics and statistics content.

All Student Books are endorsed by AQA.

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AQA A Level Maths