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AQA A Level Spanish

Contemporary student books, workbooks and online resources for AS and A2

This series provides a range of modern cultural themes through its blend of student books, grammar workbooks and supporting online resources. These resources allow you to personalise the delivery of the course to meet students’ needs and develop their speaking, writing, listening and reading skills.

  • Clear breakdown of specification coverage and objectives
  • Extensive support for grammar and language learning strategies, alongside inspiring activities to develop higher skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Unique blend of print materials supported by Kerboodle online activities - making the most of different media for language learning
  • Varied grammar activities create regular opportunities for independent practice
  • Practice sessions test students' ability to build up and apply grammar knowledge in realistic contexts
  • Detailed transition sections bridge the gap between GCSE, AS and A2

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Series contains:

  • 2 Student Books
  • 2 Grammar Workbooks
  • 2 Kerboodle Online Resources
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AQA A Level Spanish