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AQA A Level French

2016 edition of our best-selling AQA AS and A Level French course

Our AQA A Level French course has been written to match the 2016 specification. It provides a blend of content to equip students with the grammar and structures required to manipulate language confidently and to help them to prepare for their assessments.


  • Prepares students for the increased demands of the AS and A Level specifications with end of unit review sections and online practice questions.
  • Provides students with learning strategies to help with accessing unfamiliar authentic texts and translating into and out of the target language
  • Incorporates sections on responding to film and literary texts (with advice on how to structure and plan an essay in the target language) and the individual A Level research project
  • Offers plenty of spontaneous speaking and translation practice through authentic materials, plus clear grammar progression
  • Fully integrated Kerboodle contains a wide variety of resources and assessments.
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Series contains:

  • AS/A Level Year 1 Student Book
  • A Level Year 2 Student Book
  • AS/A Level Year 1 Audio CDs
  • A Level Year 2 Audio CDs
  • AS/A Level Year 1 Kerboodle
  • A Level Year 2 Kerboodle
  • A Level Grammar & Translation Workbook
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AQA A Level French