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AQA A Level French 2016

AQA A Level French

2016 edition of our best-selling AQA AS and A Level French course

AQA A Level French

2016 edition of our best-selling AQA AS and A Level French course

A change in specification can seem daunting, so we have been working hard to produce a new edition of best-selling AQA A Level French for the 2016 A Level French specification*.  We have extensively revised this highly accessible edition to provide you with a blend of print and digital content to equip students with the grammar and structures required to manipulate the language confidently and to prepare them thoroughly for their exam. Our two-book approach enhances co-teachability and helps to guide teachers through the course, without putting pressure on scheduling and resources.

*Student Books for this new course has been entered into an approval process with AQA.

  • Provides review sections at the end of each unit and assessment and exam practice online to provide ongoing revision opportunities, ensuring students are ready for the increased demands of the new course
  • Provides learning strategies to help with accessing unfamiliar authentic texts, translating into and out of the target language and for the individual A Level research project
  • Incorporates a section on responding to film and literary texts, with advice on how to structure and plan an essay in the target language 
  • Offers plenty of spontaneous speaking and translation practice through authentic materials in the Student Book and on Kerboodle, plus clear grammar progression leading towards the exam 
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Series contains:

  • AS/A Level Year 1 Student Book
  • A Level Year 2 Student Book
  • AS/A Level Year 1 Audio CDs
  • A Level Year 2 Audio CDs
  • AS/A Level Year 1 Kerboodle
  • A Level Year 2 Kerboodle
  • A Level Grammar & Translation Workbook
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AQA A Level French