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Philosophy and ethics

A Level Philosophy & Ethics Through Film

Specially-commissioned films bringing A Level Philosophy and Ethics to life

Produced in response to feedback from teachers, this set of two DVDs tackles topics for A Level Philosophy and Ethics through curriculum-focused films with accompanying worksheets and board-specific practice exam question sheets.

  • Helps your students break down difficult concepts using student-friendly language and clear visual signposting
  • Each topic includes an introductory clip to spark debate, in-depth clips to cover main arguments, and an extension clip to encourage deeper thinking
  • Featuring interviews with contemporary thinkers and philosophers, including Richard Swinburne and Julian Baggini, these films will bring current debate to life in your classroom
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Series contains:

  • 2 DVD-ROMs
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See how the films are structured, what topics are covered and how these DVDs link to the A Level specifications


  • "It enabled students who had previously struggled with the concept of ontology to discuss the matter and thus provided encouragement prior to sitting the examination. The accompanying worksheets are excellent and will support non-specialist teachers as well as students. The ideas are clearly presented and provide scope for excellent discussion-based learning. They also provide the basis for further reading and independent study." 

    Martin Campion, Ursuline School, Kent

  • "Succinctly presented and accessible summaries that students will respond well to. Relevant extension points to move gifted students in the right direction."

    Patrick Garton, Head of Faculty, The Cherwell School

  • "Great info, good stylistically which I feel will work well with my pupils."

    Mark Readman, Head of RE, Sponne School

  • "The clarity of these resources will make these valuable learning aids for students and teachers alike. They will be springboards for further discussion and will enthuse students to delve into the world of philosophy and ethics."

    Leanne Dorn, RE teacher and Head of PSHE, The Cherwell School

  • "Very accessible videos, and will be very popular with students."

    Hannah Louis, RE teacher, Sponne School

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A Level Philosophy & Ethics Through Film