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AQA Geography
A Level & AS (2016)

Rigorous and motivating geography for the
AQA AS and A Level Geography specifications

Developed specially for the 2016 AQA AS and A Level Geography specifications, with dedicated Student Books for physical and human geography and a wealth of support on Kerboodle, these clear and student-friendly resources cover the required content in the necessary depth and detail.

  • Coverage of the new AS and A Level specifications. The Student Books for this course have been approved by AQA
  • Answer guidance for the Student Book activities, digital Student Books and Teacher Handbooks, and lots of assessment support all on Kerboodle
  • From a team of skilled authors, led by Simon Ross and Alice Griffiths

The Student Books and Kerboodle Student Books have been approved by AQA. No other Kerboodle resources have been entered into the AQA approval process.

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Series contains:

  • 2 Kerboodle: Resources and Assessments with teacher access to the Kerboodle Student Book and Kerboodle Teacher Handbook
  • Student access to 2 Kerboodle Student Books
  • 2 Student Books
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What does AQA Geography A Level & AS deliver?

Course structure (PDF, 1.1 MB)

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Course guide (PDF, 1.54 MB)

Details on the course and how it works

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AQA Geography A Level & AS Kerboodle

Kerboodle provides a bank of teaching material for running creative and effective lessons. It's intuitive, customizable and can be accessed online anytime, anywhere.


  • By far the best book for practical use in lessons.

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  • A really good text book. The best I have found for this course so far.

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AQA Geography <br>A Level & AS (2016)