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Activate KS3 Science

Activate KS3 Science FAQs

What is Activate?

Q: What is Activate?

A: Activate is a KS3 science course designed and written specifically to cover the 2014 KS3 Programme of Study. It provides Student Books, Teacher Handbooks, online resources on Kerboodle, as well as digital textbooks (Kerboodle Books) for schools preferring this option.

For AQA schools, new AQA Activate for KS3 Science has been adapted from the Activate series specifically to cover the new AQA KS3 Science Syllabus and prepare students for the AQA 9–1 GCSE.

Choose your route

Q: Which route through Activate is best for my school?

A: Activate provides two flexible routes through KS3, so you can choose the option that’s most suited to your school. You can teach combined science using Activate 1, 2 and 3, or, if your school teaches separate sciences from Year 7, you may wish to opt for Activate Biology, Activate Chemistry and Activate Physics. Both routes cover all the content in the new KS3 programme of study in full.

Assessment for the new curriculum

Q: What does the Activate assessment model look like?

A: Our expert Assessment Editor, Dr Andrew Chandler-Grevatt, has devised a flexible KS3 assessment model for the new curriculum that can be used with or without levels. The new Activate bands, Developing, Secure and Extending, are matched to the old levels framework, as well as grades and Bloom’s Taxonomy, so you can choose what works for you. Schools can now put their own measures in place to measure their students’ progress, and Activate’s model has been developed with flexibility in mind.

Watch Andrew Chandler-Grevatt explain the assessment model in more detail.

Secure, Developing, Extending

Q: What are Secure, Developing and Extending?

A: The Activate assessment model is based on three bands: Secure, Developing and Extending. These bands are matched to the new national curriculum statements. The middle band indicates that student have a secure grasp of the content or skills specified in the Programme of Study. The band working towards secure is developing, and the band moving past secure is extending.

Activate Kerboodle

Q: What's included on Activate Kerboodle?

A: A wide range of assessments both paper-based and online on Activate Kerboodle help you deliver a varied and motivating assessment programme. This includes progress quizzes, skills interactives, progress tasks, checkpoint assessments, end-of-chapter tests, end-of-unit revision quizzes, end-of-unit tests, Big Practical Projects and baseline assessments.

As well as assessment, Kerboodle provides a large bank of resources for running creative and effective lessons, including lesson presentations with teacher notes, interactive activities, downloadable practicals, animations and videos plus support and extension sheets.

Activate Kerboodle also includes a markbook which allows you to easily build a complete record of your students' achievement and progress. Student scores and responses for the interactive activities and assessments are automatically included in your markbook. It provides access to three different types of report: diagnostic, group and student. This data can then be exported for loading to another system.

Preparation for GCSE

Q: How does Activate prepare my students for GCSE?

A: Activate incorporates summary and exam-style questions with GCSE command words and Quality of Written Communication (QWC) questions throughout, to help build your students' confidence as they move towards the new GCSEs.

Maths, literacy and working scientifically

Q: How does Activate help build key skills?

A: Maths, literacy and working scientifically skills are embedded throughout, with progression of skills carefully planned, and supported by tasks and assessments to help monitor progress.

Progress tasks for the end of each chapter help monitor progress and set targets, while interactive investigations and progress quizzes on Kerboodle provide auto-marked assessment of skills for each chapter.

Paper-based end-of-chapter tests are easily downloadable to help assess students' progress at the end of every chapter.