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C21 Science

P7 Further physics

P7 Further physics

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Lesson P71.1

Solar System Section

Naval Oceanography Portal

Astronomy Picture of the Day

RM Education

Phases of the Moon

Lesson P71.2

Stellarium website

Lesson P71.3

Starwatch, The Guardian

Night Sky, The Telegraph

Lesson P71.5

Eclipse Exploratorium

The Solar Eclipse In Varanasi

Solar Eclipse Animation

Eclipses - Information

Mr Eclipse website

Eclipse animation

Lunar Eclipse, Nasa website

Solar eclipse animation 1999

Lesson P72.3

Geometric Optics

Lesson P72.6

Refracting Astronomical Telescope

Lesson P72.9

Single-Slit Difraction

Lesson P73.2

Heavens Above website

Lesson P73.4

The Shapley-Curtis Debate in 1920

The Shapley-Curtis Debate - What is our Place in the Universe?

Lesson P73.5

Astronexus - Paranim animation

Heavens Above website

Lesson P73.7

Distance and Radial Velocity

Final Results from the Hubble Space Telescope Key Project to Measure the Hubble Constant

Lesson P74.1

The NASA Sun-Earth Media Viewer

Heavens Above website


Lesson P74.2

The NASA Sun-Earth Media Viewer

Rotating Sun animation

How the Sun shines

How the Sun shines, Science Reporter

On the Age of the Sun's Heat

The Age of the Sun,

Lesson P74.3

Helium, World of Scientific Discovery article

Neon Lights & Other Discharge Lamps

Spectra of Gas Discharges

Lesson P74.4

The Sun's Power Source

How Nuclear Bombs Work


Fusion Powers the Sun and Other Stars

What makes the Sun shine?

Lesson P74.5

The Association for Astronomy Education

Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

Lesson P74.7

Kinetic theory model for gas

Boyle's Law animation

Boyle's Law experiment

Gas Laws videos

Lesson P74.8

Practical Physics

Gas Laws videos

Charles' Law

Lesson P74.10

Hubble website

The Complete Cosmos

How was our Solar System created?

Space, BBC Science website

Science, NASA website

New Scientist website

Lesson P74.11

Sun Trek website

Solar & Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) website

Hubble website

Hyperphysics - The Sun

Educator's Guide to Convection

Lesson P74.12

Hubble website

The Association for Astronomy Education

Lesson P74.13

Exoplanet website

Solar Eclipse animation

My Solar System

Hammer throw video

The Drake Equation

Lesson P75.1

List of largest optical reflecting telescopes

European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Hubble website