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C21 Science

Learning Skills for Science (LSS)

Learning Skills for Science (LSS)

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Learning Skills for Science (LSS)

Lesson LSS0

Science Enhancement programme website (

Lesson LB1.7

York Science email (

Lesson LB2.10

NHS behind the headlines

Framingham Heart Study

Lesson LB3.4.2

Cape Farewell

Lesson LC1.2

Sulfur Dioxide Emission from Mt Pinatubo Eruption, June 1991

Lesson LC1.2.1

Vision Learning: Earth Science

Air Quality website

Sulphur Dioxide guide, Australian Government

Sulphur Dioxide guide, Ministry for Environment

Volcanic Ash guide

Mount Pinatubo Eruption

Lesson LC2.5.1

PHD Posters

GC Analysis of Biodiesel Using a High Temperature Carborane Modified Siloxane Phase Column

ePosters website

Preparing professional scientific posters

How to give good presentations

Example of poor presentation

Lesson LC3.9.1


Lesson LP2.1

Sources of some of the source material used in the lesson.

BUPA Health in the news report from 2009 about the benefits of a vitamin D supplement.

Bupa Health article

NHS leaflet giving guidance to health professionals about the risks of vitamin D deficiency.

NHS Vitamin D leaflet

Cancer Research UK Sun protection website


Australian news report suggesting that avoiding sunlight completely is leading to some Australians having a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D and Cancer article

BBC News report on a link between vitamin D and cancer protection.

Sunshine prevents cancer, BBC article

Website of an American doctor who believes vitamin D deficiency is a common problem.

Vitamin D Health

Lesson LP2.12

Epidemiology guide

This web page describes how epidemiologists use five criteria to establish the strength of an association between a factor and an outcome.

Lesson LP3.4

Worldbank website

The World Bank provides a valuable source of data about energy use across the world.