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Twenty First Century Science Second Edition

The only resources developed by the Twenty First Century Science Project Team

These second editions of the popular Twenty First Century Science resources were created in partnership with OCR, the Nuffield Foundation and the University of York Science Education Group to match the Ofqual criteria for GCSE Science from 2011. 

  • Step-by-step guidance for all types of exam question, including the Extended Writing Questions and Controlled Assessment
  • Clear differentiation for all abilities - including a new GCSE Additional Science Student Book for foundation tier
  • iPack OxBox software contains classroom resources, lesson planning tools, assessment and exam preparation, plus fully interactive eBook versions of the Student Books
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Series contains:

  • 8 Student Books
  • 8 Workbooks
  • 6 Resources & Planning Packs
  • 6 Revision Guides
  • 6 Exam Preparation and Assessment OxBox CD-ROMs
  • 6 Resources & Planning iPack OxBox CD-ROMs
  • 6 Online Homework
  • 6 Online Student Books
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21st Century Science Third Edition

21st Century Sciences Third Edition

Twenty First Century Science 9–1 resources from OCR's Publishing Partner for Science, fully updated for the new 2016 specifications

What Teachers Say

  • "51% of our sixth form now take at least one science A Level from a figure of around 26% before. Phenomenal!"

    Sue Hayden, The Becket School

  • "We have seen a big 18% increase in C+ grades and lots more of our students are doing triple science."

    Laura Seabright, Deptford Green School

  • "This outstanding set of resources is well though out, creatively presented and reflects the years of work that has gone into them. The section on How Science Works would help any school, whatever their specification. A triumph."


  • "In terms of supporting How Science Works I would say that, currently, there is no equal." 

    School Science Review

  • Revising from these books really helps. Simple as. They provide the information and the explanations and then some challenging questions which ensure you've learned what you've read. If you're taking triple science at GCSE level I advise purchasing all three of these books. There is no doubt these books will up your grade!

    Amazon reviewer on Twenty First Century Science GCSE Physics Revision Guide

  • Very useful and clear. The good thing about these books compared to the CGP is that they have questions with answers, which is good because otherwise how can we mark them? Has all of the facts that you need.

    Amazon reviewer on Twenty First Century Science GCSE Chemistry Revision Guide

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Twenty First Century Science Second Edition
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