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Spelling, punctuation and grammar support

An effective whole-school literacy policy is key to improving students' reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening. We're supporting teachers and students with information and resources to improve literacy skills across UK and international curricula.

Keep up-to-date and fully prepared with free resources, information, and advice from literacy experts.

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Cognitive Grammar in the Classroom

Cognitive Grammar in the Classroom

Produced by Oxford University Press and Aston University, Cognitive Grammar in the Classroom contains teaching ideas using Cognitive Grammar. Click here to browse now.

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Flexible, standalone lessons

Spelling, punctuation and grammar student books and workbooks

Get it Right: Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Write-in workbooks that help students to secure their understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar concepts. Short, sharp lessons encourage students to apply their knowledge to their own writing and analysis.

Teacher training and professional development

How to Teach Grammar

Bas Aarts, Ian Cushing and Richard Hudson draw on their own extensive experience and combine detailed grammatical knowledge with practical classroom strategies