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A Level Revision with Results from Oxford for A Level exams 2022 with up to 50% off Revision Workbooks and Revision Guides

A Level Revision and Exam Practice

Revision with Results for success in A Level 2022 exams

A Level Revision and Exam Practice

Revision with Results for success in A Level 2022 exams

Save up to 50% on Oxford revision workbooks and exam papers (UK school accounts only). Terms & conditions >

Support A Level students with their 2022 exams with best-selling Revision support from Oxford. Our revision guides and workbooks are fully comprehensive, with lots of exam practice, and include advice and guidance from expert authors and examiners. Look out for free help for A Level students including support for exam readiness and anxiety, and effective revision tips.

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How to buy

You can order online following the links below, or choose one of these options if you prefer:
Telephone: 01536 452620
In person: schools can also order through their local Educational Consultant.


A Level Science Revision Guides and Workbooks

Revision support for Science A Levels that encourages all students to flourish and become independent learners. Our award-winning Oxford Revise A Level revision guides offer comprehensive, clear and effective revision preparation.

  • Oxford Revise A Level guides offer comprehensive, clear and effective revision preparation

AQA A Level Science

AQA A Level Biology AQA A Level Physics

OCR A Level Science

OCR A Level Biology OCR A Level Physics


A Level Maths Revision Guides and Workbooks

Help your students prepare for 2022 exams with our A Level Maths exam practice workbooks.

  • Exam-realistic practice, with rubric at the start and space for students to write answers directly onto the page
  • Perfectly matched to the style and content of your exam board’s linear exams
AQA A Level Maths


A Level English Revision Guides and Workbooks

Supporting all A Level English Language and Literature students to revise, progress and approach their exams with confidence.

  • Our Revise AQA English Language A Level and AS Workbook provides a practical approach to revision and is packed full of carefully-structured activities, up-to-date source texts, and the latest English Language research, along with revision tips and strategies
  • Oxford Literature Companions offer comprehensive coverage of each text to help deepen students' understanding of their set texts, plus extensive skills and practice opportunities
AQA A Level English


A Level Geography Revision Guides and Workbooks

Our A Level Revision support uses a clear approach to build a strong understanding of the skills and knowledge, and help students to become confident geographers.

  • Revision Guides present the key points of each student book section in a clear and accessible visual style to aid knowledge retention
  • Exam Practice and Skills resources provide targeted practice for exam questions, while familiarising students with the demands of key geographical skills
AQA A Level Geography


A Level Modern Languages Revision Guides and Workbooks

Essential grammar and translation support for language learners.

  • Our AQA A Level Grammar and Translation Workbooks are designed to build students’ language manipulation skills and exam confidence
  • Our Oxford Literature Companions for A Level Languages Study Guides support students’ study of the set text from the start through to revision time, with in-depth analysis of structure, plot, characters and themes
A Level French A Level Spanish


A Level History Revision Guides and Workbooks

Oxford AQA History for A Level Revision Guides offer step-by-step strategies to prepare students for exam success.

  • Our structured Recap, Apply, Review approach ensures revision is clear and accessible for all students
  • Includes support for source and interpretation analysis, as well as essay writing
AQA A Level History


A Level Religious Studies Revision Guides and Workbooks

Our A Level Revision follows our successful Recap - Apply - Review – Succeed approach, giving your students structured revision support that helps them achieve their potential.

  • Helps to recap and embed key skills, content and exam practice
  • Condensed content is presented in simple visual styles, to aid knowledge retention
OCR A Level Religious Studies


A Level Psychology Revision Guides and Workbooks

The Complete Companions for AQA provide a wealth of revision support to ensure students feel confident as they prepare for their exams.

  • Revision Guides include focused exam skills activities to help embed learning
  • Exam workbooks provide students with the opportunity to practise all types of AQA exam question
AQA A Level Psychology Exam Workbooks AQA A Level Psychology Companions