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Welcome to the Oxford Reading Hive, book group support for schools and students worldwide

We shouldn't teach great books, we should teach a love of reading

Book clubs are a great way of engaging readers and the Oxford Reading Hive is here to help you get your book club off to a fantastic start.

Take a look at our Guide to Setting up a Book Club for expert tips and in-depth advice on helping your students discover a life-long love of books.

Below you can find recommended reads and free downloadable resources including review sheets and progress charts.

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Oxford Reading Hive Book of the Month

looking at the stars jo cotterill

Looking at the Stars, by Jo Cotterill

When Amina's village is suddenly struck by a civil war, her family is brutally torn apart and her dreams of freedom are shattered. As she begins her journey to safety at a refugee camp, Amina faces some of her most feared situations, with only her imagination to escape from reality.


Free downloadable resources for your book club