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Oxford Revise: Science

The three simple steps of effective science revision: knowledge, retrieval, practice

Oxford Revise was developed by a group of cognitive science and revision experts combining their collective understanding of up-todate research and their classroom experience. They had one common goal - to create guides that increase students' confidence in their knowledge, in their retrieval of that knowledge, and in their ability to apply that knowledge to assessments.

They wanted to help students understand how to revise for science effectively and give them the tools and revision strategies to practice and succeed!

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Oxford Revise for KS3 Science

It is never too early for students to start learning about different revision strategies and helping them to understand how they learn. Register your interest in this new guide and you'll be sent updates with sample content as soon as they are available.

AQA GCSE Science

Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Science

OCR A and AQA A Level

Oxford Revise for A Level: 3 simple steps for effective revision

Series editor

Primrose Kitten

Primrose Kitten is an author and YouTuber, producing online resources and videos to support students with revision and exam preparation. Formerly a Chemistry teacher, she has recently published four successful GCSE Required Practical Workbooks for AQA and speaks at events including ASE.


  • Jo Locke

    Jo Locke is a Biology teacher and author of many science school books, notably Activate and AQA Activate, as well as OCR Gateway GCSE Biology.


  • Jessica Walmsley

    Jessica Walmsley is a Science teacher based in Blackpool; she speaks and writes regularly on issues relating to science education and is particularly interested in bringing research-based practices into her classroom.


  • Philippa Gardom Hulme

    Philippa Gardom Hulme is author of Activate and AQA Activate, and the series editor for OCR Gateway GCSE Sciences. Previously a Chemistry teacher and latterly a tutor for the PGCE in Science at Oxford University, she currently works in science communication at the University of Bristol.


  • Adam Boxer

    Adam Boxer is a Chemistry teacher and Head of Science. He is a founder of the #CogSciSci movement, which sees teachers bringing the principles and practices of cognitive science to their everyday teaching. He is a regular speaker at large educational conferences including PiXL and ASE; he has written for Activate Kerboodle and writes regularly on issues in teaching.


  • Helen Reynolds

    Helen Reynolds has written for Activate, AQA Activate, and OCR Gateway GCSE Physics. She has been a Physics teacher for many years, working previously for the Institute of Physics, and is currently teaching in Arizona.


  • Alom Shaha

    Alom Shaha is a Physics teacher, author, and science communicator. He speaks regularly at schools and science events including ASE about the importance of science education and how to engage students in Physics. He has recently published a successful and popular science book for young children and parents.

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Explore the work of the #CogSciSci group

The #CogSciSci website provides ideas for implementing major findings from cognitive science into your day-to-day teaching practice.

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Download answers

Download the answers for all titles in the series.


Parent guide

How can parents help their child to revise using Oxford Revise? This document, written by parent, teacher and author Jo Locke, explains how the books work and provides tips for parents on how to support their child's science revision.