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The MYP next chapter

MYP teachers have until 2017 to integrate the Revised MYP curriculum. If you haven't started the transition yet, here's what you can expect to change.

...Language B, Arts, PHE and Design will be optionally assessed via an ePortfolio.

The MYP next chapter - what to expect

The new MYP curriculum comes into effect in September 2014 and schools will have three years to transition onto the new approach. Called the MYP Next Chapter, the new curriculum framework will bring the MYP more closely into line with the PYP and IB Diploma Programmes, enabling greater continuity across the IB continuum and easing the step up into IB Diploma.

A number of changes have taken shape as part of the curriculum overhaul, including the introduction of global contexts, the option of standardized eAssessments and the absorption of the areas of interaction into the broader syllabus aims.

New key concepts

The MYP has always been a concept-based curriculum and the Next Chapter changes deepen this approach. The new MYP subject guides hone in on broad key concepts - these key concepts will be relevant within the subject of study, but will also transcend that subject, helping educators strongly emphasize interdisciplinary connections. Example concepts include perspectives, identity and sustainability

Making links between key concepts, related concepts and subject learning objectives is becoming an important part of MYP learning; further embedding the interdisciplinary approach.

New eAssessments

Optional eAssessments will be available across nearly all subjects in the English, Spanish and French languages. Assessments are closely structured on the key and related concepts, and set learners eAssessment tasks that link in the important key concepts, related concepts and subject content. 

Language B, Arts, PHE and Design are set to be assessed internally via an ePortfolio.

The decision to adopt these assessments is completely optional. They particularly support MYP schools in parts of the world where formal assessment is required at age 16.

Other key changes

A number of other important changes will impact MYP teaching during the three year transition period. These include:

  • The move away from areas of interaction and introduction of global contexts
  • Deepening emphasis on  approaches to learning, including the introduction of a related skills framework



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