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The new KS3 curriculum

How are you going to tackle the changes?

The new National Curriculum for KS3 has now come into effect. We know this is a difficult time for you so we’ve put together this page to help you manage the changes.

Help your KS3 students prepare effectively for the new GCSE

The new GCSE specifications are beginning to come into effect, starting with English and maths in September 2015, and following with further subjects changing in September 2016 (including geography, history, languages, religious studies and science) and 2017.

What can you do to help prepare your KS3 students now?

We're hearing that some teachers are helping their KS3 students prepare for the skills they will need for the new GCSEs by updating their KS3 Scheme of Work, as well as looking to refresh their classroom resources.

If you're thinking about updating your KS3 course, we have a range of resources that will help your KS3 students build the skills and knowledge they need for a smooth transition to GCSE - see below for further information per subject. We have KS3 resources for English, geography, history, languages (French, Spanish and German), maths, RE and science.

Want to discuss your needs further?

 To discuss your specific needs, simply arrange an appointment with your local Educational Consultant. If you're planning to invest in new resources for GCSE and KS3, your local Educational Consultant will be able to give you the best deal.