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By promoting a student-centered approach based on inquiry, action and reflection, MYP students can fully experience CCSSM mathematics...

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Meet education’s new power couple. Together, they form a most beautiful partnership – not only because the MYP framework and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) are inherently aligned in theory and mission. Delivering and assessing CCSSM content using the MYP framework and objectives is also mutually reinforcing.

The foundation and theory

The MYP does not provide a prescribed curriculum, but a methodology for content delivery and a framework for teaching and learning. Therefore, any unit of study within any MYP math course can be developed and delivered incorporating CCSSM content.

Both the MYP and the CCSSM recognize the power of inquiry and conceptual learning, and emphasize authentic applications of content. The aims, objectives, criteria, and use of technology within MYP math establish that students in MYP classrooms are already engaging in the type of learning described by the CCSSM.

Your practice

MYP math does not exist as a set of prescribed tasks, but rather as a philosophy of teaching and learning that represents what the CCSSM are attempting to accomplish. With a focus on concepts and applications, students will not only learn where the mathematics comes from, but also where it can be authentically applied. This optimally prepares them to handle Diploma level mathematics with confidence.

When designing units and planning for assessment tasks, consider how each of the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice are reinforced by the MYP math objectives:

Common Core Standard 1

 Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
 Reinforce via MYP objectives A, B & C

Of the 13 MYP math aims two are to “develop logical, critical and creative thinking” and to “develop confidence, perseverance, and independence in mathematical thinking and problem-solving”.

MYP math students are assessed on their ability to select and apply problem-solving techniques in a variety of contexts, including unfamiliar situations (objective A). They are also required to identify relevant elements of authentic problems, select and apply appropriate mathematics correctly and reflect on whether their answer makes sense in the context of the problem (objective D).

The use of investigations (objective B) and the use of inquiry as a teaching method helps students develop perseverance; it familiarizes them with seeking and finding relationships in mathematics.

Common Core Standard 2

 Reason abstractly and quantitatively
 Reinforce via MYP objectives B & D

The use of investigations (objective B) allows students to study and manipulate patterns and quantities in order to establish relationships between them. The focus on applying mathematics in real-life contexts (objective D) provides students with opportunities to contextualize and decontextualize different situations, allowing for both abstract and quantitative reasoning.

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