The MYP Next Chapter Mathematics - concept-based learning

With the MYP Next Chapter coming into effect, the shift to a concept-based learning model is being felt in MYP classrooms. How can the new approach support your mathematics learners?

How does the new MYP concept-based framework help us meet our responsibilities to our students today?

Advice from MYP Mathematics Educator Marlene Torres-Skoumal

The IB has recently published new subject guides as a response to state-of-the-art research on the concepts, skills and attributes today’s youth will need for success in the 21st century. Students today engage with the world differently – this has consequences on the way they learn and use newfound knowledge and skills.

It is paramount that students become increasingly competent and comfortable in learning on their own. This capacity for independent learning is essential for their future well-being and success, since research tells us that today’s youth will most likely have multiple careers and will continually need to learn new skills not taught in their schools today. They will need to be able to work in cross-disciplinary teams that encompass multiple and varied thinking skills, and will need to communicate their knowledge and understanding effectively. These challenges to our students necessarily impose upon us the duty to rethink how we prepare them today for complete success in their world of tomorrow.

Concept-based learning in MYP Mathematics

Concept-based learning and teaching is not new in our subject area, since Mathematics teaching inherently occupies and promotes a powerful universal language and conceptual foundation, together with the development of abstract, logical and critical thinking skills. Why is the exploration of concepts essential? As Mathematics teachers we know the answer to this question: it allows for deeper understanding of the subject matter by helping the learner construct meaning through improved critical thinking and transference of knowledge to other subject areas and life in general.

How does the new MYP concept-based framework help us meet our responsibilities to our students today? Within the MYP framework, key concepts flow throughout all of the disciplines, providing students with the structure to organize their learning across all subjects and within various global contexts. In Mathematics, the key concepts of relationships, form and logic are the foundation upon which the related concepts are integrated and communicated. Since these concepts are continuously being referenced and reinforced in all their subjects, the framework provides students with a purposeful, meaningful, and holistic learning experience.

 More support on integrating the key and related concepts.


Marlene Torres-Skoumal has taught IB Mathematics for over thirty years and worked to inaugurate MYP in her school. She is an IB workshop leader, curriculum review consultant and OCC calculator forum moderator.

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