Cambridge IGCSE® Global Perspectives in action

"We really find Global Perspectives supports independent research skills and critical thinking"

Helen Yanez, Cambridge Coordinator, Pembroke Pines Charter Schools, USA

Why Global Perspectives?
We chose the Cambridge IGCSE Global Perspectives program because it is good preparation for Cambridge International A Level.

We find Global Perspectives supports independent research skills and critical thinking – it helps our students to think outside their regular courses, and outside themselves, as they begin to become global citizens.

What are the challenges of teaching the course?
It can be challenging to find resources. This semester, we have been using the unit on Disease and Health from Oxford’s Global Perspectives for Cambridge IGCSE, and tying this in to events in the news.


"Global Perspectives helps us bridge the gap to IB Diploma study"

Jeff Hyles, IB coordinator, The Australian International School, Vietnam

How does the course help prepare students for IB Diploma (DP)?
Global Perspectives serves as a preparatory course for our IB DP Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class. It also helps our students with background and skills for their Group 3 DP courses, including Geography and Economics.

In addition to relevant subject knowledge, Global Perspectives develops students’ thought processes for these subjects. They learn to analyse sources, and look at issues from different perspectives.


"The topics get students thinking about global issues from different angles"

Ian Mills, Global Perspectives teacher, Leipzig International School, Germany

What have the benefits been for students when they move on to IB DP? 
We have seen improvements in students’ essay writing – particularly when they move on to IB TOK study and begin preparing for the Extended Essay. As an IB Business Management teacher, I find that topics like Trade and Aid help students to prepare for IB study, by getting them thinking about global issues from different angles.


"Understanding global viewpoints through a virtual town hall discussion"

Jeff Chen, Head of Secondary, Anglo Singapore International School, Thailand

Global Perspectives has enhanced our students’ learning by encouraging them to see things from different points of view.

Our students are working on a three-part group project on Conflict and Peace. Part one is a re-creation of Asch’s conformity experiment. For part two, the students will be working with our school’s new counsellor to set up a peer mediation program. Finally, they will be holding a virtual town hall discussion with a group of students in the USA, to understand how people from different cultures respond to various issues.


"Developing research and communication skills through public service announcements"

Maria Sardinas, Cambridge IGCSE Global Perspectives teacher, MAST Academy, USA

As part of the Conflict and Peace topic, my students put together their own public service announcements using iMovies, informing the public about blood diamonds in Sierra Leone. This was a great opportunity to use technology – both for research, and for a powerful output.

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