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Psychology FAQs


Q: How are the new A Levels assessed?

A: The new A Levels are linear, so assessment of students’ knowledge and understanding of the whole course takes place at the end of two years. The January series of exams has been removed, and students sitting the new AS and A Level qualifications are only able to sit exams in June. The first assessment of new A Level courses that started in September 2015 will take place in June 2017. The first assessment of the new AS qualification took place in June 2016.

AS Levels

Q: What do the new AS qualifications look like?

A: AS Levels have become a standalone qualification; AS grades no longer contribute to A Level awards. They will continue to be awarded at the same standard and level of demand as the current AS Levels.

Maths skills requirements

Q: What maths skills are required of my students?

A: There has been an increase in the mathematical content required for the new A Level qualifications, to ensure that students have the necessary skills required for undergraduate study. For example, there's a greater emphasis on research methods and the statistical and analytical skills needed by students to design and complete a psychological investigation.