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History FAQs


Q: How will the new A Levels be assessed?

A: The new A Levels will be linear, so assessment of students’ knowledge and understanding of the whole course takes place at the end of two years. The January series of exams has been removed, and students sitting the new AS and A Level qualifications will only be able to sit exams in June.
First teaching started in September 2015. The first assessment of the new AS qualification took place in June 2016, and the A Levels will be assessed this summer (2017).

AS Levels

Q: What will the new AS qualifications look like?

A: AS levels will become a standalone qualification; AS grades will no longer contribute to A Level awards.


Q: What are the changes to the A Level History specification?


  • There are new Assessment Objectives for AO1, AO2, and AO3
  • Candidates must study at least 20% British History (was 25%) and more than one country or state
  • You will now need to choose topics from a range of 200 years – it is no longer possible to study all 20th Century course
  • An Historical Enquiry is to be retained at A Level (max 20%)
  • The AS qualification will be 100% examined with no controlled assessment


Q: What resources are available?

A: We have published new editions of the previous series originally published by Nelson Thornes*. Oxford AQA History for A Level offers trusted expert support developed by Sally Waller for the new 2015 AQA A Level and AS History specification. We are also publishing a new A Level Revision Guides which will be available from autumn 2017.
*Nelson Thornes is now part of Oxford University Press.


Q: Which topics are available?

A: A full list of titles is available here


Q: How does Oxford AQA History for A Level support co-teachability?

A: Oxford AQA History for A Level provides one book for each topic covering AS and A Level content together, making these resources ideal for teaching both classes together.

Useful links

Q: What are useful AQA A Level History links?