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English FAQs


Q: Key changes include:


  • Decoupling of AS and A2 -students will need to decide during the first year of their course whether they are taking an AS or a full A Level
  • AS and A Level must be co-teachable
  • Linear assessment
  • Reduction of coursework component to 20% of overall mark
  • Requirement to include unseen text in the Literature specification
  • Requirement to study more texts for both Literature and Language/Literature


Q: What resources are available?


  • A. Oxford AQA AS and A Level English combines new material with a trusted, established approach, written by an experienced author team led by Angela Goddard and Adrian Beard. These are all available now and can be ordered on inspection here.
  • B. Working in partnership with OCR, we have published a brand new English Language Student Book which offers targeted support and insightful guidance to students as they approach the new specification from September 2015.
  • Co-teachability

    Q: How does Oxford AQA AS and A Level English support co-teachability?

    A: Oxford AQA AS and A Level English provides one book covering AS and A Level content together, making these resources ideal for teaching both classes together.

    Co-teachability (English Language)

    Q: How does the OCR A Level English Language Student Book support co-teachability?

    A: The OCR A Level English Language Student Book has clearly flagged AS requirements, which means that AS and A Level can be easily taught together.

    New exams

    Q: When will students sit the new A Level exams?

    A: First teaching for the new qualifications started in September 2015 with the first AS exams summer 2016 and first A Level exams summer 2017.