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A Level MFL 2016 FAQs

Your guide to the new specifications

What are the changes?

Q: What are the main changes for AS and A Level Languages?

A: Please see here for AS and A Level subject content for modern foreign for teaching in schools from 2016. AS and A Level Languages were in the second phase of a curriculum change affecting all subjects at this level. Teaching of the revised specifications for the second phase of subjects began in September 2016, with first examinations for AS in 2017 and first examinations for A Level in 2018
The main changes across all subjects include:

  • The decoupling of AS and A Level qualifications
  • A move away from modular courses, with full exams taken at the end of the course The key changes to languages are:
  • Students must study one theme at AS and two themes at A level, from each of the following areas of interest (i.e. 2 themes at AS; 4 themes at A level):
     o (i) social issues and trends
     o (ii) political and/or intellectual and/or artistic culture
  • Topics are focused on the culture and identity of countries where the languages are spoken (for example, when talking about marginalised groups in A Level French, the focus will be on marginalised groups in the Francophone world)
  • The requirement to study a film or a book at AS from a list of films and texts, prescribed by each examination board
  • The requirement to study a film and a book or two books at A Level from a list of films and texts, prescribed by each examination board
  • The introduction of the individual research project as a requirement of the A Level speaking examination

  • New resources

    Q: Are there new resources available for the new AS and A Level?

    A: Yes. We have published a range of resources to support the 2016 specification changes, including Student Books, Kerboodle books, Kerboodle teaching and learning resources and Audio CDs, with Grammar Books and Literature Guides in the pipeline. The Student Books and Kerboodle books have been approved by AQA for use with their specification. You can order inspection copies from our website. You’ll also find more free resources to support the changes in our MFL Resources Hub.