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The new A Levels

How are you going to tackle the changes?

The new A Levels

How are you going to tackle the changes?

In 2015 new A Levels were introduced for English language, English literature, English language and literature, the sciences (physics, chemistry and biology), history, psychology, art and design, sociology, business, economics and computer science. First exams will be sat in 2017.

In 2016, new A Levels were introduced for Dance, Drama and Theatre Studies, French, Geography, German, Music, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Spanish. First exams will be sat in 2018.

We know this is a busy and difficult time for you so we've put together this information to help you manage the changes.

What do the changes mean for you?

The changes vary according to level and subject so we've compiled a list of subject-specific FAQs, summaries of key changes and a selection of useful links.

How can we help?

If you're looking for new resources to support you through the changes, we have published new A Level resources for French, Geography, German, Religious Studies and Spanish for a range of exam boards - see below for more information. These are all available on free inspection.

You can also arrange an appointment with you local Educational Consultant who is always happy to discuss your specific needs with you.


New A Level resources

A Level AQA History

Trusted expert support developed by Sally Waller

A Level AQA Science

Fully revised and updated for the 2015 AQA biology, chemistry and physics specifications

A Level OCR Science

Written by subject experts and developed by OCR's Publisher Partner

AQA Psychology Course Companions

Written by the best-selling, experienced and trusted psychology authors Mike Cardwell and Cara Flanagan

OCR A Level Psychology

Written by an expert author team lead by Matt Jarvis and Julia Russell

AQA A Level English

Brand new resources designed to support the new 2015 AQA specifications