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Five-year AQA science assessment

Supporting you with a five-year science scheme of work for AQA

When developing your own scheme of work and assessment programme, there are several key points it can be helpful to consider:

  • Intervention and extension - throughout Key Stage 3, and continuously through GCSE, it is important to intervene for students of all abilities. Regular assessment focused on mastering key concepts can ensure students are ready to move on to the next stage, and continually making progress.
  • Assessment framework - to help you make key decisions about students' next steps and interventions, it's helpful to always have the goal in mind. Students have target GCSE grades - an effective five-year system will consider how this relates to Key Stage 3 attainment, and link the two so progress can be monitored, and more importantly made.
  • Preparation for GCSE assessment - there are many question skills and types students need to master in order to perform well on a GCSE exam. Integrating these skills and building familiarity with question-styles from Year 7 can really take the fear out of GCSEs for students, and help them achieve their best when the real exams approach.
  • Development of key skills - maths, literacy and practical skills are all now essential for success in GCSE Science. Integrating clear development opportunities for these skills from Year 7 will help you to develop skills progressively over time.
  • Terminology and approach - the language and approach used when teaching certain topics, for example energy, should be consistent across the five years to support students' conceptual understanding of difficult concepts. Consistency in learning materials and delivery can help remove unnecessary barriers to student understanding.

Supporting your five-year programme with Oxford resources

We have worked closely with AQA and our Assessment Expert Dr Andrew Chandler-Grevatt to support a five-year programme. This includes AQA approved Student Books, Teacher Handbooks and Kerboodle services.