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Your 5-year science curriculum for AQA

AQA curriculum coverage you can trust —
so you can focus on teaching

Our resources are designed to work together from Year 7 to Year 11, providing a coherent 5-year curriculum and consistent assessment framework. Find out how we can support your school.

Flexible resources that work for your setting 

Choose a two- or three-year KS3 pathway to suit your needs. Plus, differentiated resources support students through all five years, including Foundation and Higher Intervention Workbooks to aid progress through KS3 and dedicated resources for students working towards Grades 1-3 at KS4.

Intervention and extension built in

Our 5-year differentiated assessment model developed by Dr Andrew Chandler-Grevatt informs all outcomes, learning and assessment. Differentiated support and intervention strategies enable every student to master concepts and progress to the next step in their science journey.

Curriculum coverage you can trust

All our KS3 and GCSE Student Books are approved by AQA. Our AQA Science curriculum team includes teachers, curriculum developers, and assessment experts.

Build knowledge and skills coherently

Maths, literacy, and Working Scientifically skills are fully embedded throughout our knowledge-rich curriculum. It's an inquisitive and accessible approach which sparks a passion for science from Year 7.

KS3 and GCSE working together

Use our KS3 and GCSE courses together for maximum impact. The Kerboodle resources and assessment are familiar and coherent across the 5 years and impact-evaluated strategies from our KS3 resources are built into our GCSE resources, ensuring that learners develop knowledge and key skills coherently as they progress through secondary school.

Full support for exam skills

We don't believe in teaching to the test, so we've built in exam skills support that allows you to concentrate on delivering a great curriculum for all your students. Students build familiarity with command words, skills, and extended response questions from Year 7.

Dr Andrew Chandler-Grevatt on the 5-year assessment model

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Resources for Key Stage 3

Spark a passion for science from Year 7

AQA Activate is the perfect start to your students' secondary science journey.

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Resources for GCSE

Comprehensive coverage of the AQA specifications

A knowledge-rich curriculum that also delivers on skills, for all your students.