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English B examiner support

Kawther Saa'd AlDin is an English B senior examiner. Her top tips for delivering English B?

Kawther's top tips

  • Teach English as a global language through interrelated texts
  • Teach cultural prototypes - reflect on topics from a variety of cultural perspectives
  • Make clear connections between the course topics and the options
  • Develop receptive, productive and interactive skills via reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises

A holistic approach

The new English B syllabus revolves around the teaching of core topics and options in Anglophone cultures. A holistic approach is key to the success of the programme. My new English B course book helps students realise how inter-related the core topics and options are by centring every chapter around 3 topics (usually 2 core and 1 option). Activities guide students in exploring links between the topics. For example, although eating disorders fall primarily under health, students are encouraged to discuss how the media help promote certain stereotypes and examine solutions.

Developing receptive, productive and interactive skills

Since English B is a language acquisition course, it is essential to develop receptive, productive and interactive language skills. Students must engage with a range of reading, writing, listening and speaking activities and care should be taken to ensure these skills are not developed separately.

The English B course book introduces vocabulary and grammar in context, guiding students to use new language they encounter in the reading texts in their writing activities. Every chapter includes reading comprehension activities, oral activities and follow up writing exercise, which are all linked to the English B assessment components and outcomes.

The most comprehensive resource

Comprehensive support from Kawther

Kawther's English B course book is already used in hundreds of schools worldwide and has been reviewed as 'everything you need under cover' by David Ripley at InThinking.

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