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With support straight from the IB, English B teacher Barbara Czuszkiewicz explains here how using the English B Course Book has impacted her learners.

The pictures in the book for the first time made it absolutely clear how to prepare the visuals for the individual oral exam.

How has the English B Course Book supported your teaching?

The choice of articles is superb – they serve not only as reading comprehension exercises but also generate spontaneous discussion. However, the best are ‘Beyond the Text’ sections. These have taken me to the areas which before I would have seen as totally unrelated to what we have been doing during classes.

What is your biggest challenge in teaching English B, and how has the Course Book helped?

Probably the biggest issue is the preparation for the individual oral exam. The pictures in the English B Course Book for the first time made it absolutely clear for me how to prepare the visual materials. I was a bit at a loss regarding the captions – now I know I am fine. 

Is there enough assessment support in the Course Book and has this helped your learners?

Yes, there is quite a lot of it. My students  appreciate being assessed – they say it boosts their confidence and – if something goes wrong – it motivates them to try harder.

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  • I received your book yesterday and I wanted to say THANK YOU! It is beautiful and our Language B teacher for next year is simply over the moon to have a guide. Rest assured, we'll ordering more for the next school year!

    Head of English, The English School, Colombia

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  • This is a brilliant book. At last here is a book that provides everything you need under one cover. It will become absolutely standard for English B teachers everywhere.

    David Ripley, English B Consultant, InThinking