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Maths assessment FAQs


Q: What impact does the new KS3 2014 curriculum have on assessment?

A: The old National Curriculum Levels are no longer supported and schools are now encouraged to devise their own assessment systems

The Maths Framework

Q: Does the Maths Framework still exist?

A: The Maths Framework has been removed and so there is no longer a spiral curriculum where topics are revisited within each year.


Q: Will there be any guidance from the DfE on attainment targets and assessment?

A: There are no longer yearly objectives for Years 7, 8 or 9, and no differentiation – just a set of objectives for the whole of KS3.


Q: What guidance do the new KS3 Oxford resources offer?

A: The MyMaths for KS3 series uses a banded system of descriptors – ‘developing’, ‘secure’ and ‘mastered’ - to measure attainment and level references are discreetly provided if you still wish to use them.

Useful information

Q: Is there any extra support?

A: Take a look at our MyMaths for KS3 Student Assessment Tool.

Simply input the marks for each test, per student and the tool will automatically generate a summary for each student, including levels, ranking and performance by strand. Further instructions can be found here.

We’ve also created a MyMaths KS3 Scheme of Work to help you match the lessons in the course to the objectives from the new KS3 Programme of Study.

For more information on the MyMaths for KS3 course assessment resources please visit: