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Modern Languages Assessment FAQs

Key changes

Q: What's happening to assessments?

A: The old National Curriculum Levels are gone - the DfE has stated there's no intention to replace them, and the expectation is that teachers will sort new assessment criteria or levels.


Q: Will there be any guidance on attainment targets and assessment?

A: Schools must devise an assessment system that allows them to track against the blocks of content and skills required by the programme of study, whilst still ensuring progress. Any assessment schools devise for themselves will need to be at least as good as the previous system of levels when inspected by Ofsted.

How we can help

Q: What guidance do the new KS3 Oxford resources offer?

A: Although the former level descriptors no longer apply, we have built in features in Allez and Tricolore to provide a guide to the level of activities.

In Allez, we have devised a 'Bronze, Silver and Gold medals' system (foundation, core and higher), corresponding to the former Attainment Target levels in Key Stage 3, intended as guidance on specific tasks and referred to throughout the resources.

In the overview grids at the beginning of each unit's teaching notes, the range of AT levels in listening, speaking, reading and writing is shown for each core spread and for the test page. In the planner section for each test page, approximate guidelines are provided to help equate the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals with the former AT levels. In the summative assessments on Kerboodle, which are differentiated, National Curriculum levels are offered together with Bronze, Silver and Gold medals and Foundation, Core and Higher alternatives.

Tricolore is a course especially for your higher-ability students, with opportunities for extended reading, listening and productive work to stretch your students throughout Key Stage Three.

Formative assessment (Épreuves) and summative assessment (Contrôles) is provided online via Kerboodle at each stage.

We hope that by providing this guidance in our resources, we'll help to make your life a little easier during this challenging time of change.