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History assessment FAQs

Key changes

Q: What's happening to assessment?

A: The old National Curriculum Levels have been removed and the DfE has stated there’s no intention to replace them, and the expectation is that teachers will devise new assessment criteria or levels. Schools will be responsible for developing their own assessment system.


Q: Will there be any guidance on attainment targets and assessment?

A: Schools must devise an assessment system that allows them to assess the content and skills required by the programme of study, whilst still ensuring all pupils make progress. Any assessment system that schools devise for themselves will need to be at least as good as the previous system of levels when inspected by Ofsted.

How our resources can help

Q: What guidance do the new KS3 History resources from Oxford offer?

A: KS3 History by Aaron Wilkes includes a package called ‘Assessing Your Learning’. This provides helpful guidance and practical materials to help you map students’ progress using a system that is flexible enough to fit your school’s approach.

In the Student Book (and on the supporting worksheets on Kerboodle), you’ll find guidance on success criteria that you can use to help your students understand what their work should include. These criteria can be used for self- or peer-assessment once they’ve completed the task.

Success criteria teacher grids are provided in the Teacher Handbook to help you to understand what outcomes your students will aim for, and to map their progress, whether you want to mark using National Curriculum levels, GCSE grade indicators or performance levels.

Take a closer look at the assessment support KS3 History by Aaron Wilkes provides.

We hope that by providing this guidance in our resources, we’ll help to make your life a little easier during this challenging time of change.