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KS3 to KS5 Assessment Support resources for teachers

Supporting secondary teachers with assessment at KS3, KS4 and KS5

Whether you're looking for a ready-made assessment solution or support to create your own, Oxford is here to support you with secondary assessment from 11-18.

  • Working with experts to offer support and advice you can trust
  • Helping you create a whole-school approach to assessment
  • Flexible support for the new KS3 curriculum and GCSE 9–1 grades
  • Monitoring students' progress with auto-marked summative and formative assessments and reporting tools on Kerboodle
  • Targeted intervention and extension support, connecting assessment with next steps for teaching.

With the removal of National Curriculum levels in 2014, Oxford's latest range of KS3 resources provide you with support for rolling out a new 'life-after-levels' approach. New GCSE resources have been tailored to the new 9–1 GCSE specifications and grading.

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Lost without levels? Assessment support for KS3

Awl in a day's work: assessment support resource

English: Awl in a day's work (PDF)

Ignite English author Jill Carter discusses life without levels

Science: The Activate assessment model (PPT)

Download Dr Andrew Chandler-Grevatt's Assessment Model for KS3 Science

Activate interactive Assessment support resources for teachers page

Science: Assessment pages from Activate (PDF)

Take a look at a summary of Activate's assessment package, outlined in the Teacher Handbook

Assessment support resource at KS3

Geography: Assessment at KS3: What's new?

What has the government said?

Assessment support resource in geog.

Geography: How does geog.123 support assessment?

A quick overview of assessment in geog.123

geog.123 assessment support resource grid

Geography: geog.123 assessment grid

This grid explains the assessment support provided on geog.123 Kerboodle

What about levels? Assessment support resource

Geography: What about levels?

Take a look at geog.123's assessment criteria and markbook

Key Geography assessment support resource

Geography: Assessment for the new KS3 curriculum

What have the government said?

Assessment support resource in Key Geography

Geography: How Nelson Key Geography supports you

A quick overview of the assessment material in Key Geography

KS3 History: Assessing your learning with assessment support resource

KS3 History: Assessing your Learning

Take a look at an extended assessment spread from KS3 History with Aaron Wilkes

MyMaths Leveling, assessment support resource and reporting progress

Maths: MyMaths for KS3 levelling, assessment and reporting progress

Take a look at how MyMaths for KS3 can support you

MyMaths for KS3 assessment support resource leaflet

Maths: MyMaths for KS3 assessment

Take a look at how MyMaths can support you

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  • Assessment in Kerboodle

    All of our new KS3 courses are accompanied by Kerboodle, which has a section for assessment to help you monitor and record the progress of each student. Take a look at how these digital resources can help you tackle assessment in the classroom.

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Kerboodle provides a bank of teaching material for running creative and effective lessons. It's intuitive, customizable and be accessed online anytime, anywhere.