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Rob Allison

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Rob Allison is an International Educator, having worked in High Schools and Universities in China, Egypt, Thailand, Australia, India, Venezuela and Lebanon over the past 20+ years. Rob studied English as an Undergraduate and has a Ph.D. in English from The University of Sydney as well as a M.Ed. in English/Education from The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. In regards to the IB, he has served as an Examiner, Deputy Chief Examiner, workshop leader, workshop designer, Principal Examiner for Paper 1, Paper Setter and member of curriculum review committees for studies in English Language and Literature. In addition to his work with English, Rob has taught TOK and served as a Diploma Coordinator.

Rob has a continuing passion for both the teaching and the study of English. In particular, teasing out and engaging interpretive challenges in texts and balancing an analytical approach with an awe for sometimes larger, more visceral responses, are areas of interest personally and when working with students. Rob is excited for the ways in which the new suite of courses in studies in Language and Literature lend themselves to just such opportunities and mirror authentic professional studies in the discipline.

Along with Brian Chanen, Rob has written the previous edition of the course book and the Skills and Practice book for Language and Literature. Brian and Rob also edited the Perspectives on Planning book for both the Literature and the Language and Literature course.

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