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Daisy Christodoulou

Daisy Christodoulou

Daisy Christodoulou is the Head of Assessment at Ark Schools, where she works on assessment reform, replacements for national curriculum levels and readiness for new national exams. Previously, she was Research and Development Manager at Ark, working closely on curriculum reform in secondary English. Daisy trained as a secondary English teacher through the Teach First programme and taught in two London comprehensives. Her first book, Seven Myths about Education, was published in 2014. She has been part of government commissions on the future of teacher training and assessment. Watch Daisy discuss her motivations for writing her new book Making Good Progress?

Daisy Christodoulou on Assessment

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Read an extract from Daisy Christodoulou's new book Making Good Progress? Download the free chapter "Why didn't Assessment for Learning transform our schools?" with foreword by Dylan Wiliam.

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Making Good Progress?

Making Good Progress?: The future of Assessment for Learning

A research-informed examination of formative assessment practices.

Author Daisy Christodoulou

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Paperback | 02/02/2017

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Also available as an ebook
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