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Resources for AQA

Nelson Thornes is now part of Oxford University Press. You can find Nelson Thornes products and supporting resources on this website.

The following supporting materials accompany several of our A Level and GCSE courses for AQA.

AQA covers

GCSE Maths & English revision guides

Access supporing materials here

GCSE Science (2006) technician notes

Download a zip archive

AQA A2 English Literature & Language B

Download Unit 3

A Level student book and teacher materials

A Level Business and Law

View AQA Specification and corrections

A Level Business Studies


A Level Citizenship Studies

View the AQA A2 Citizenship glossary

A Level English Language A

View the AQA specification and the Student's Book Glossary

We would like to acknowledge that Steve Cooper should be credited for Data Set 2 on p118 of the Language A AS Student's Book. We apologise for this omission which will be corrected at first reprint.

A Level Environmental Studies

View the Student's Book Glossary

A Level Geography

View the AQA specification and resources


On page 103 of AQA AS Geography the penultimate paragraph ("Although rising sea levels [...] unlicensed dredging going on closer to the shore") will be replaced with the following text in all subsequent editions of this title:

Rising sea levels and the relatively weak nature of the cliff materials explain the physical reason behind the rapid erosion of this coastline. Although dredging of sediments off the east coast has increased between 1993 and 2000 when materials were removed under seven licences, there is no evidence that this has affected the rates of erosion along the east coast.

We are grateful to The Crown Estate for drawing this error to our attention. The Crown Estate publishes regular updates on dredging around the UK coast, which can be found here:

A Level History

Download the exam specification correlation grid

A Level Media Studies

View the AQA specification and resources

AQA Specification


Topic 1

Please see page 40 of your AQA Media Studies for AS Students' Book

BBC My Family

Sky News

Topic 2

Please see page 106 of you AQA Media Studies for AS Students' Book

BBC Blackpool

A Level Music

Download revised chapters

Changes to AQA specification

For the June 2012 examination and until further notice the AS set work will be: Beethoven - Symphony No 1, movements 1 and 2

Download revised AS chapter 2 here

Download revised A2 chapter 12 here

A Level Philosophy

View AQA specification and Unit 4

Social Sciences

View answers and supporting documentation for Psychology A and B

Psychology Answers

Psychology A Supporting Documentation

AQA A2 Psychology A

Available Downloads

Psychology B Supporting Documentation

AQA A2 Psychology B

We have noted an error on pages 316-317 of this title. The error occurs in stage two of the instructions for how to do the Wilcoxon signed ranks test and as a result the error was carried through into the workings.

Whilst correcting this, we also noted that Table 5 on page 338 was incorrectly labeled as Critical values of T in the Wilcoxon sign ranks test, when it should actually have been labeled: Critical values for the t-test. Download the corrected page 316-317. This error has been amended for reprints.

Available Downloads

Answers to summary questions and Glossary

Corrected pages 316-317

Religious Studies

Download unit 4