Raise a Reader

We'll do whatever it takes to help you Raise a Reader

Raise a reader

We'll do whatever it takes to help you Raise a Reader

Reading is a fundamental skill that helps shape a child’s future success. But reading offers much more than that; it offers access to worlds of imagination and knowledge that can provide a lifetime’s joy and inspiration.

It's more important than ever that we ensure children and young people have the tools and opportunities to become lifelong readers, and we are on a mission to help!

We’re providing expert support, practical resources and inspiring books, to help every child and young person become a lifelong reader.

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Raise a Reader on tour

Raise a Reader is going on tour! Visiting ten locations across England with lower levels of literacy, the Raise a Reader campervan – packed full of free books, exciting activities, and engaging reading resources – will tour schools, bookshops and public spaces on a nationwide celebration of books and reading from Monday 31st October to Friday 11th November.

Leading OUP children’s authors and illustrators will join the tour at each stop to inspire children with engaging workshops and storytelling sessions.

Watch the video to find out more!


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How to raise a reader

Read our tips for parents or explore our range of books created especially to engage and inspire children as they learn to read and love to read.

Oxford Owl for Home

Support for parents and carers

Oxford Owl for Home

Register for a free parent pack

Find tips for parents and register for our free pack on Oxford Owl for Home

How to help encourage children to read for pleasure

Phonics at home

Oxford Owl's parent guide to phonics

How to help struggling readers

Struggling readers

Advice for parents worried about their child's reading progress.

Levelled Reading Books

Book cover of 'Red Mist', a book in the TreeTops Reflect series from Oxford University Press

TreeTops Reflect

Emotionally powerful fiction and non-fiction to make children think.

Cartoon of a waving panda, the icon for Oxford Reading Buddy from Oxford University Press

Oxford Reading Buddy

A new digital reading service to help every child develop key comprehension skills.

Book cover for the Hero Academy title 'Underwater Detective' by Hawys Morgan and Rose Wilkinson.

Hero Academy

Fully decodable books aligned to Letters and Sounds Sets to turn your children into reading superheroes.

Book cover of 'Bat Facts', a book in the 'Word Sparks' series from Oxford University Press

Word Sparks

Fully decodable books that tackle the word gap too!

Book cover for The Wind in the Willows, a book in the Project X series from Oxford University Press

Project X Graphic Texts

An exciting new way to embed higher-level comprehension.

Book cover of an adapted version of 'Emma' by Jane Austen, a book in the TreeTops Greatest Stories series from Oxford University Press

TreeTops Greatest Stories

A timeless collection to capture our literary heritage.

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New children's books

Book Cover for 'Hop on Top Mouse!' picture book

Hop on Top, Mouse!

Mouse is hungry, but that tasty cake is just too high! Can a small mouse solve this big problem?

Book cover for 'Martha Maps it Out' picture book

Martha Maps it Out

Martha's maps will take you on an enchanting journey through her world.

Book cover for 'Kitty and the Star Stone Robber'

Kitty and the Star Stone Robber

There's been a break-in at the museum and superhero-in-training, Kitty, is first at the scene.

Book cover for 'Marv and the Pool of Peril'

Marv and the Pool of Peril

Marvin's life is perfectly ordinary until one day he discovers a superhero suit with infinite powers.

Book cover for 'How to Catch a Rainbow' picture book

How to Catch a Rainbow

Freya loves rainbows. She loves their bright colours and their curvy shape.

Book Cover for 'The Worry Jar'

The Worry Jar

Frida worries all the time. Her worries feel as heavy as the pebbles she collects.

Accessible fiction for KS3/11-14

Book cover for RAT by Patrice Lawrence. A black and white drawing of a young person in a hoodie with a tower of rats on his arm, who hold an umbralla which is in vivid colour.

Rat by Patrice Lawrence

When his mum is sent back to prison, Al knows exactly who's to blame. Mr Brayker from downstairs has been making trouble for Al's mum ever since they moved in.

Book cover for I am the Minotaur by Anthony McGowan.

I Am The Minotaur by Anthony McGowan

Matthew wants to fit in, but it's hard when you're avoiding the bullies and trying to impress your dream girl, Ari.

Book cover for Out of the Rubble by Sally Nicholls.

Out of the Rubble by Sally Nicholls

It's early 1945, War is nearly over and evacuees are coming home. Judy is excited to be back in London, but things have changed.

Book cover for Lightening Strike by Tanya Landman. A cartoon drawing of a group of women waving protest signs in front of a factory building

Lightning Strike by Tanya Landman

Summer 1888 and Eliza is angry. Angry that her family never seems to have enough...

Book cover for Edgar & Adolf by Phil Earle and Michael Wagg. A cartoon drawing of two men in football kit shaking hands in front of a burning city.

Edgar & Adolf by Phil Earle and Michael Wagg

Adi is on a mission set by his late grandfather, Adolf Jager. He must track down Edgar Kail, and return to him the simplest yet most prized of possessions.

Book cover for 'Dark Peak' by Marcus Sedgwick.

Dark Peak by Marcus Sedgwick

One long, hot summer, two children disappear on a school trip.