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Read Write Inc. Phonics: Interactive Stories CD-ROM 1

Read Write Inc. Phonics: Interactive Stories CD-ROM 1

Read Write Inc Phonics activities for the interactive whiteboard

Minimum Specification

Machine specifications

  • Processor 2.0 Ghz Processor (for Mac only intel processors are supported)
  • Ram 512 MB of RAM minimum
  • HD space 1.5 Gb of free disk space (PC) 3.0 GB of free disk space (for Mac)
  • Screen resolution 1024x768

Operating system

  • Windows® XP SP3 and above (XP/Vista/7)
  • Mac OSX 10.4.11 - 10.6.4 (Tiger, Leopard/Snow Leopard)
  • Linux Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04; Debian Lenny, Squeeze, Linkat 3, Linex Colegios2010, ATLLinux




Q: Error Message: Parameter is incorrect

A: This error only occurs because the shortcuts have failed to attach to .flp chart files. The .flp chart file will have installed into your My Documents folder in a folder called 'Activprimary3' and within there a folder called 'My Flipchart Pages' will contain the .flp, which you can either re-link to the shortcuts or create new shortcuts. This error only exists in version 1.0 and you can request a upgrade to version 2.0 which doesn't feature these problems. The software also comes with ActiveInspire instead of ActivePrimary. Please contact for more details.

Q: Can I use the flipcharts in ActiveInspire instead of ActivePrimary?

A: A new version (version 2.0) of Read Write Inc. Interactive Stories has been released which supports ActiveInspire. If you have version 1.0 in ActivPrimary and wish to upgrade to version 2.0 in ActiveInspire, please email and request the upgrade. The new version comes with a copy of Active Inspire Personal edition software but if you already have ActiveInspire then you will only need to install the new flipcharts.

Q: Can I Install this software on my network?

A: No. You will need to install Read Write Inc. Interactive Stories on to each individual machine. You cannot do a network install with the ActivInspire Personal Edition software. If you wish to do a network installation contact Promethean to upgrade your licence to Professional Edition. Visit

Q: What do I do if i I already have the full version of ActvieInspire installed?

A: When installing Version 2.0 you have a 2 step installation. If you already have a full working version of ActiveInspire then you will not need to install "Step 1 - ActiveInspire Personal Edition" . Please select Step 2 from the installation menu and install the Speed Sounds files.

Q: Promethean License agreement

A: If you have version 2.0 then you will notice a "Promethean Licence Agreement" pop up every time you run the software. If you wish to continue with the free 'Personal Edition' then please just tick the 'I accept the terms of the licence and click 'Run Personal Edition'. You will not have to fill out any details. The message will appear every time you run the software and it's not something that can be changed unless you purchase the full edition from Promethean.