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Oxford Reading Tree: Stages 5-6: e-Songbirds Phonics

Oxford Reading Tree: Stages 5-6: e-Songbirds Phonics

A multi-sensory approach to systematic, quality phonics teaching

Minimum Specification

PC standalone or client machine:

  • Processor Pentium® III processor (min 400 Mhz) and above
  • Ram 256 MB of RAM minimum
  • Operating System Windows® 2000, Windows® XP SP2
  • HD space 195MB hard disk space
  • Screen resolution 800 x 600 or higher


  • Operating System Windows® 2000 or Windows® 2003 server
  • Processor Pentium® III processor (min 400 Mhz) and above
  • Ram 256 MB of RAM minimum
  • HD space 195MB hard disk space

Mac standalone 

  • Processor  G4 Power PC 450MHz 
  • Ram 256 MB of RAM minimum
  • HD space 195MB hard disk space
  • Operating System Mac OS X 10.3.9
  • Screen resolution 800 x 600 or higher



Q: Do I have the most up to date version of eSongbirds?

A: There are known issues with version 1.0 and 2.0. Please email customer services and request version 3.0 of esongbirds.

Q: I have installed the network version of eSongbirds on to the server and a number of client machines. When I try to run the program from a client machine, I see a screen that says Loading but the program doesn't start.

A: First, check that you have not installed the server setup and the client setup from the same machine. If you have, this could cause the program to hang. If this is the case, please try uninstalling both the server and client setups for eSongbirds and reinstalling the server setup on the physical server machine, then the client setup on the client machine and see if this fixes the problem. If this doesn't resolve the issue, please read on. The hanging 'Loading' screen is a known issue with eSongbirds that affects a small number of users. We are still looking into the causes of this issue with the company who developed eSongbirds and would like to know how many customers have been affected. If you have experienced this problem, please contact our Technical Support line on (01865) 353374 to let us know and leave your contact details so that we can get in touch with you when we find a solution. We believe that the issue may be caused by either server security settings or by a conflict between eSongbirds and another program running another version of Apache PHP or another version of Java Runtime Environment. It may be worth investigating these possibilities further with your network administrator. Neither we, nor the developers, nor an independent software testing house have been able to replicate this problem in a testing environment, so if you are able to make any progress in finding out what is causing eSongbirds to hang on your network, we would appreciate your feedback, as this may help to solve the problem for others. This issue does not occur when using the standalone version of eSongbirds, so you should still be able to use eSongbirds on standalone machines, but you will not be able to hold the data on a central server. However, we recognise that this solution may not be suitable for all customers and would be happy to offer you a refund if you prefer. Please contact Customer Service on (01536) 741171. We have created a questionnaire about your server and how you're using eSongbirds. We would be very grateful if you could fill this in with details of your server setup to help us to work out if there are any common factors with schools experiencing this problem. Please email your completed questionnaire to Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Q: How do I install eSongbirds on an RM CC3 network? Is there an MSI installer I can use to create a CC3 package?

A: Due to the way it is built, eSongbirds does not have an MSI installer. However, it can be installed on an RM CC3 network by following these steps:

  1. Instal eSongbirds > Network > Server on the server machine by the following the user instructions on the installation wizards.
  2. Open the package builder on a clean machine, click on Build Package and create the first screen shot.
  3. When asked for the location of the exe to launch, navigate to the eSongbirds CD and select setup.exe.
  4. Install eSongbirds > Network > Client by following the user instructions on the installation wizard. Ensure you have the correct IP address of the server computer from step 1. To find the system IP, open a DOS prompt, click Run, type CMD, and then type IPCONFIG
  5. Take the final snapshot and finish the package-building process.
  6. Allocate the package to workstations as normal, ensuring that you manually put the shortcut on machines.

Q: I am trying to use eSongbirds on a machine running Windows 98. The system requirements say it should run on this operating system, but I'm having trouble getting it to work.

A: There was an error with the minimum system requirements printed on the back cover of the first run of eSongbirds CD-ROMs, which showed Windows 98 as a supported operating system. eSongbirds was designed to run on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but not on Windows 98. This error on the packaging will be corrected with the next print run. If you only want to use eSongbirds on a machine running Windows 98 and therefore cannot use the product at all, please contact Customer Service.