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Save 20% until 31st March 2017*


Save 20% until 31st March 2017*

With the biggest collection of quality, levelled reading books, TreeTops encourages all children to read for pleasure.

  • Be confident that all your juniors will find something to make them want to sit down and read
  • Match every child with the right book for them using our unique Oxford Assessment & Levelling
  • Choose from the biggest collection of quality stories by best-selling authors and illustrators
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Series contains:

Fiction: 35 Greatest Stories, 39 humorous
Chucklers stories, 126 Fiction novels by top authors, 24 Classics titles every child
should read, 24 Myths and Legends,
24 action-packed Graphic Novels,
18 Time Chronicles with Biff, Chip and Kipper

Non-Fiction: 35 new inFact non-fiction books,
66 intriguing Non-fiction titles, 18 True Stories
featuring exciting subjects

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Browse our BESTSELLING packs for TreeTops

TreeTops Greatest Stories Super Easy Buy Pack - New Edition

Take advantage of this value pack of your favourite classic stories, selected by Michael Morpurgo

TreeTops inFact Super Easy Buy Pack

A great money-saving pack of 210 fabulous non-fiction books (6 x 35 titles at levels 8-20)

TreeTops Fiction Super Easy Buy Pack

Invest in this fantastic money-saving pack of 756 fiction books, six of each of 126 titles at Levels 9-16

TreeTops Chucklers Singles Pack

Make reading a pleasure with this pack of 35 titles (13 novels, 5 anthologies, 13 books of short stories and 4 comics)

TreeTops Graphic Novels Singles Pack

Give your juniors an engaging reading experience with these 24 dramatic visual texts at Levels 13-16

TreeTops Classics Singles Pack

Buy all classic stories as a Singles Pack and save money! Pack contains 24 books, one of each of title at Levels 15-17

TreeTops Myths and Legends Singles Pack

Take a look at this pack containing 24 fascinating traditional stories from around the world, covering Levels 10-17

Quality levelled TreeTops books for your juniors

TreeTops Greatest Stories KS2 Comprehension

Greatest Stories

A timeless collection of 35 key stories to capture our literary heritage, handpicked by top author Michael Morpurgo

TreeTops inFact

35 non-fiction titles to give your juniors the depth of reading experience they need to succeed


A series of funny novels, short stories, anthologies and comics which are guaranteed to put a smile on your juniors' faces

TT Image

Over 120 high-quality stories

Encourage children to develop their own reading tastes with over 120 titles to choose from!

TT Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels

Action-packed picture-novels to hook juniors into reading

TT M/L image

Myths and Legends

Best-loved stories from around the world with tales every child should read

TT nonfiction - penguins

Over 60 intriguing non-fiction titles

TreeTops non-fiction for your junior readers to explore


Introduce your upper juniors to the world of 'classic literature' with must-read titles

TT family

Time Chronicles

Follow best-loved characters Biff, Chip and Kipper on a series of historical adventures through time

Find out more about TreeTops

Assessment in TreeTops

Your guide to raising reading standards

Free support (video)

Watch our video to find out more about the support for TreeTops on Oxford Owl

TreeTops Reading Record 2017

Reading Record

Download this full list of TreeTops titles that your juniors can fill in as they progress through the series.

TreeTops (PDF)

Find out how TreeTops can help you deliver key aims of the Primary National Curriculum 2014

Primary Owl - get flying

Engaging parents

Oxford Owl is our free parent support website with over 260 free eBooks and advice for keeping 7-11 year olds reading

Best practice for independent reading

Reading for Pleasure survey

Read this summary about the importance of reading in the classroom (PDF)

Teach your children to read

Help your children to reach the higher expectations in reading

5 ways we can support you (PDF)

Get your juniors reading for pleasure with this simple guide

Building and Outstanding Reading School Report

Building an Outstanding Reading School (PDF)

James Clements' report takes you through six key strategies for making reading for pleasure work

TreeTops Review

  • "We find TreeTops provides us with the breadth that is needed...It is great to find a junior reading programme with books that children really enjoy reading and will discuss without encouragement."

    Angela Pedley, Ince Church of England Primary School, Wigan