The biggest range of quality, levelled books from well-known and loved authors

Ensure your children make measurable progress and get them reading for pleasure with the most finely levelled and liveliest junior reading programme.

  • Expertly levelled for levels 8-20 using our unique Oxford Reading Levels to help every child progress
  • The biggest collection of quality stories and non-fiction for key stage two
  • Written and illustrated by best-selling authors such as Michael Morpurgo and Jeremy Strong along with artists Michael Foreman and Ian Beck
  • Age-appropriate content, approved by educational experts, so you can be confident that your children have a rich reading experience
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New Titles Added!

TreeTops Reflect - including Non-fiction

A thought provoking series of 52 titles, to develop children’s higher-level reading and comprehension skills through books with positive moral values and role-models.

What does TreeTops deliver?

Curriculum Chart

Assessment in TreeTops

TreeTops offers a simple but effective set of tools to help you not just track children’s progress, but to make sure it happens. Find out how with this guide.

Curriculum Chart

Ofsted Framework

See how TreeTops can help you meet the aims of the new Ofsted Framework.

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Quality levelled TreeTops books for your juniors

Treetops Reflect

A thought provoking series of titles to develop children’s reading and comprehension skills through stories with positive moral values and role-models.

TreeTops Greatest Stories KS2 Comprehension

Greatest Stories

A timeless collection of key stories to capture our literary heritage, handpicked by top author Michael Morpurgo

TreeTops inFact logo

TreeTops inFact

Non-fiction titles to expand and deepen your juniors reading experience



A series of funny novels, short stories, anthologies and comics which are guaranteed to put a smile on your juniors' faces

TreeTops Fiction

TreeTops Fiction

A wide range of expertly levelled stories to encourage children to develop their own reading tastes.

TreeTops Classics


Classical stories adapted by top authors

TreeTops: Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends

Best-loved stories from around the world with tales every child should read

TreeTops: Time Chronicles

Time Chronicles

Follow best-loved characters Biff, Chip and Kipper on a series of historical adventures through time

TreeTops Review

  • "We find TreeTops provides us with the breadth that is needed...It is great to find a junior reading programme with books that children really enjoy reading and will discuss without encouragement."

    Angela Pedley, Ince Church of England Primary School, Wigan

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