Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery

Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery

Give pre-school children a head start in reading

Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery is designed for nurseries and pre-schools teaching phonics to pre-school children in the term before they start school. The resources show you how to grow children's vocabulary through nursery rhymes, poems, songs and planned talk. It places huge emphasis on developing children's love of reading through enticing story and poetry times.

The Nursery Pack from Read Write Inc. Phonics contains resources to support pre-school children with their literacy skills before they start school. It provides nursery teachers and staff with the tools they need to ensure every child learns to read confidently, right from the start.

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Series contains:

  • A handbook specially written for those working in nurseries and pre-schools, including guidance on teaching sounds (Speed Sounds) and early sound blending.
  • Set 1 Speed Sounds resources, including; Speed Sound Cards (small and A4), Picture Sounds Cards and a Sound-Picture Frieze.
  • A Fred Frog beanie toy to engage children when saying the sounds in words.
  • A set of Nursery Green Word Cards for teaching sound blending.
  • 10 Sound Blending Books for blending practice.
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What's included in Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery?

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Unboxing the Nursery Pack Video

Find out what's included in the Read Write Inc. Phonics Nursery Pack, how the resources are designed specifically for nursery children and discover how they could work in your nursery.

Look inside the Nursery Pack

A quick guide to the Nursery Pack

Find out more about the Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery Pack and see how the resources could work in your nursery.

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